A NATURAL AND PURE BREEZE BOIS DE YUZU by Karl Lagerferld is a men's Eau de Toilette that is included in the Spicy Aromatic family. Created in 2018 by Emilie Coppermann, we are dealing with a fragrance that reflects the sober and characteristic masculine style of the designer in his haute couture shows. Fashion, distinction, exclusivity ... are just some of the adjectives that describe Karl Lagerfeld's masculine universe. All her designs are the object of desire of a large number of users, and thus, she reaffirms it with the launch of her new masculine fragrance. A perfume inspired by woody aromas and casual style, which reveals the brand's austere masculinity. Its wake begins with a refreshing and subtly spicy halo, thanks to notes of tangerine, ginger, bergamot, grapefruit, mint, rosemary and yuzu wood. Next, the nutmeg provides the most virile and chunky tone, thanks to its electrifying aroma. Finally, moist and enveloping aromas such as moss and Egypt papyrus end this aromatic experience. LES PARFUMS MATIERES is the collection of fragrances in which this perfume is included, all of them inspired by a specific element of nature, this time the Yuzu Wood. AUTUMN AND WINTER . Its earthy and autumnal notes make this perfume a perfect essence for the coldest moments of the year. In addition, it is a perfect choice both day and night. SIMPLE AND PURE . This is the bottle that surrounds this perfume. Carved on glass, it adopts a cylindrical silhouette, tinted by an olive green tone, allowing us to glimpse its interior content.
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